We were thrilled to have some adorable rescues visit us from the HIT Living Foundation! Standing for Honesty, Integrity, and Trust, HIT Living applies these principles in all they do, from rescuing dogs domestically and internationally to providing special needs and senior dogs with the care they need to live a safe, happy life.

We had the pleasure of meeting 3 of those amazing dogs, starting off with Gustave! A 6 year old male Husky, HIT Living pulled him from the South LA shelter during the Woolsey fires to help make room. With random wounds all over and a skin infection to boot, he was desperately in need of help. The team at HIT Living didn't hesitate to take him in and provide the care needed for him to heal. Here is how Gustave looked when he was pulled from the shelter...

You wouldn’t know that to see him now, just look at those beautiful eyes and handsome coat! Gustave is super smart, knows all kinds of tricks, and showed some of them off for us. Typical for his breed, he definitely needs a home that can accommodate his playfulness and energy.

It looks like he even thinks we're funny! He's truly full on smiles, love and energy. We loved our time in the studio with him!

Next up we had little Birdie, a 6 year old female Chihuahua/Beagle mix rescued from death row at the Downey shelter. Dropped off with her brother when their owner was hospitalized, the owner only came back for her brother and left poor Birdie at the shelter. HIT Living scooped up this gentle little girl, and has helped her blossom! With those classic puppy dog eyes, Birdie melted our hearts with her sweetness. Still a little shy, she came out of her shell to pose for the camera and get lots of cuddles (and off-camera lap time). Great with her current foster’s young child and other dogs, she would fit in well just about anywhere!

Last but most definitely not least, we have grandpa Gavin. A 13 year old senior male Chihuahua, Hit Living pulled Gavin from the Downey shelter, where he was being completely overwhelmed by his run mates. Cowering in submission and down to 2 teeth, this old man was in need of a fresh start! Just a day after rescuing, one of his teeth fell out on its own, then the last diseased one was removed and what a difference. Now pain-free, little Gavin is small but mighty and just loves being the center of attention. This guy loved all the soft blankets and beds he found here and made himself right at home.

Did you know? HIT Living specializes in rescuing dogs who have been through traumatic experiences with special needs, such as dogs who need extensive medical treatment. They have a program called For Always Fostered, which allows the Foundation to place animals with the most extreme needs or hospice care with their experienced fosters who can maintain the constant supervision and care needed to allow those animals a secure, loving environment.

HIT Living founder, Heather, with Gustave.

We absolutely loved having just a few of the amazing dogs HIT Living has up for adoption and are looking forward to meeting more of them in the future. This year, along with rescuing at-risk SoCal dogs, HIT Living is working with rescues in the Bahamas and Quintana Roo/Tulum Mexico, and you can check out the saga of Fries, a Potcake rescue from the Bahamas and his journey at the Loving Fries part of their website.

To learn more about Fries' rescue and journey check out their video below:

Be sure to follow @Hitlivingfoundation on Instagram and if you'd like more information or would like to adopt of their pups please contact them at info@hitlivingfoundation.com.

Until next time.... Thanks for reading!

Welcome June and our June partnership with Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation! AH&W is an amazing Sherman Oaks based organization founded by The Petstaurant’s 4th generation Japanese herbalist Marc Ching. Their focus is on rescuing abused and neglected animals –locally, internationally, and throughout the Asian dog meat trade—to rehabilitate them and find their forever homes. The foundation also provides search and rescue effort in times of natural disaster, such as during the Skirball, Thomas and Woolsey fires. We’re doing tons of stuff to support them this month, but first let’s get down to the cuties they brought over for a shoot!

When Toffee and Velvie came over, we melted. Aren’t they a pair? These two girls are a bonded pair who were rescued from an abandoned home.

Little Toffee is a low-riding Dachshund mix who loves people (and the camera – just look at that face!) but can be a bit timid initially. With the support of Velvie (who she looks up to as her mom), she slowly but surely comes out of her shell. Once she warms up, true to her name she is just the sweetest.

Meanwhile gentle and patient Velvie, a 6/7 year old American Bulldog, has such a chill, calming presence. She made everyone feel at ease, not just Toffee.

As these two are so close, AHW can’t bear to separate them, so anyone who has room for two… they’re ready to bring you some of the joy and happiness we felt having them over for a brief moment! If you would like more information about adopting Velvie & Toffee or would like to learn more about Animal Hope & Wellness please visit their site!

As mentioned, We and AHW have got a bunch of exciting events lined up! All month long, we are booking complimentary photoshoots, with a portion of the print order proceeds going to the foundation.

But of course we wouldn’t stop there! Did you know we’re at Rudy’s Barbershop in Studio City? We’re currently exhibiting some of our favorite canine and feline prints there, and if you like what you see, you can own it! Proceeds from sales of the prints on exhibit will go towards the foundation. Come see our work and get some grooming for yourself at the same time!

If that wasn’t enough fun for you, we’re also having a Paint Your Pup party with our friends at AHW and Modern Beast in Venice Beach on Saturday, June 15th! We’ll be at 2100 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Unit D from 1-4pm, with a station where you can paint your doggies and have their picture taken by us! We still have a few slots open, so RSVP while you can! Modern Beast will be having an open house, AHW will have some of their adoptable pups, and there will be rosé for all! Come have fun with sips, snacks and sun!

We can't wait to share photos from the event this weekend! Until then.....

Charlie & Raymond

Do you like a challenge? Perhaps a hint of mystery? You’ll love these gorgeous dogs who came visiting with Love At First Mutt Rescue and No Bull Rehab, two amazing organizations with awesome names and tons of passion! These three pups are all up for adoption and looking for their new home.

To inquire about adopting Gil email loveatfirstmutt@gmail.com

When this BIG & happy boy came bounding in, he immediately captured everyone’s heart with his smiling face! Meet Gil, an 85lb American Staffordshire Terrier Mix, also known as a pit bull mix. He was rescued from the Downey shelter in January by Love At First Mutt. Gil has been receiving training with No Bull, and he was the perfect model--knew all his angles, followed every command, and was extra friendly and gentle!

Did you know?

Pit bulls are a type of dog who come from a bulldog and terrier mix--bred together to combine the bulldog’s strength, the terrier’s agility and the tenacity of both. Historically they were actually used as bait in bull or bear fight blood sports, and dog fights were used to determine which dogs would make the best bait. A dog would have to be determined to defend itself against a giant angry animal many times its size, right? Since dog fights were cheaper and easier to organize in secret, that grew in popularity and led to the development of their reputation as a “fighting dog”.

This reputation has unfortunately followed the misunderstood pit bull breed mix to this day, even though they have also been known as “Nanny Dogs” since the early 1900s. That’s right, they were considered the best dog to have if you had children because they were so loving and loyal. In fact, they were used as a symbol of American strength and values during World War II!

After Gil had his time in the studio, it was Saint and Ameela’s time to shine! A brother sister pair who were an owner surrender, these two have an air of mystery about them, both in their origins and their look.

First up we had the handsome Saint with the most expressive eyes.

Then there was beautiful Ameela, who, like many ladies who know their beauty, was a little stand-offish initially. But, once we got to know her, she showed more of her playful side!

Neither pup had ever interacted with other people or dogs, or had training of any kind.  They’ve come a long way thanks to Love at First Mutt and No Bull Rehab, but still need their patient someone to help them blossom!  Both loved the toys and treats in the studio, and we loved having them!

Please contact Love at First Mutt if you would like to learn more about adopting either Gil, Saint or Ameela. We cannot wait to see them in their new forever homes!

Also, if you're looking for a new rescue to learn about and support, please check out Love at First Mutt! Their team is hardworking, passionate and inspiring. We know they may be small, but they have huge hearts and are doing great things in our local dog community!

Also, if you're looking for puppy training, obedience programs, behavioral training or boarding the look no further than No Bull Rehab! Thanks to both teams for stopping by the studio and letting us capture these three special pups' adoption photographs.

If you know of a rescue who needs some new adoption photographs and would love to spend some time in our studio getting lots of love, treats and toys then please email us at Raymond@charlienunnphotography.com

Till next time,

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