We’ve been seeing quite a lot of skin here at the studio the past few weeks! No, not like that – we’re talking about the animals!

Remember Nietzsche, Piaf, and Poe? Well, we’re ready to reveal the results of their photo shoot. We think they look pretty phenomenal, if we do say so ourselves.

Did you know? Contrary to what their name suggests, hairless cats aren’t actually hairless! They’re covered in a fine down similar to peach fuzz that makes them incredibly soft to the touch. We’re certainly going to miss cuddling these three in our studio, and we want to thank Kat Von Dee again for letting us shoot with them.

Meet Piglet and Galliano, Rachel Jung’s guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are incredibly sociable animals, so much so that Switzerland has declared it illegal to own only one. Apparently Piglet and Galliano bicker sometimes, but they were on their best behavior at the studio.

Galliano is what’s called a “Skinny Pig”, one of the newest breeds of Guinea Pigs. Skinny pigs are almost entirely hairless except for the fur on their muzzles and legs, which kind of makes them look like they have muzzle-hawks! Galliano was a particularly talkative little fellow and would make little squeaks every time we gave him cilantro!

Their big brother, Benny, was extremely excited to pose with his younger sibs, but he couldn’t understand why they preferred to eat green leaves instead of his cheesy treats!

Our next guest wasn’t naked; in fact, Travis brought an incredible array of clothing, including an amazing bomber jacket that I think we all wanted to steal. He did, however, snap a few shirtless shots with his cat, Jacob, who we all fell in love with!

Travis and Jacob made a fantastic duo and had us laughing throughout the entire shoot, especially when Jacob got into the box of catnip

Thanks again for visiting us Travis!

Stay tuned for more this week....

Charlie & Raymond

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Charlie and I have learned and grown so much since we launched our pet portrait studio in 2016. We’ve made many new friends, been licked by countless loving dogs, and found a community of like-minded business owners with whom we’ve collaborated, exchanged ideas and encouraged along the way. With all this support and feedback, we’ve made some changes to Charlie Nunn Photography. First, Charlie has spent the last month completely redesigning our website with lots of information about who we are and what we offer in a more comprehensive way. Please visit the site when you have time. If you need something to bring a smile to your face, it’s a guaranteed remedy.

We’re also revising the way we book photo shoots. The session fee we’ve charged in the past has mainly been a retainer to secure your appointment. We’ve worked closely with many local animal foundations and donated this fee as it has always been paramount since day one to give back. As of today, we’re no longer charging this fee. Much like a doctor’s office, we’ll ask for your credit card information to hold the appointment and only charge you if it isn’t canceled within 48 hours of your scheduled time.

Eliminating the session fee doesn’t mean we’re discontinuing our collaboration with local rescues. Charlie and I will be donating a portion of our income each month to a highlighted charity. Stay tuned to learn more about our upcoming “Adoption Focus”.

As always, our goal is to create the best images possible that you’ll want to hang in your home or office to cherish for a lifetime. Our pricing is a la carte, so you can purchase the prints you want in the sizes that are right for you. Some people spend $600, others spend $4,000. It’s up to you, but you can relax knowing we have the expertise and tools to help you from booking your session to delivering your prints.

We can't wait to see you in the studio!

Raymond And Charlie

Is it just us, or has time been acting wonky? February just started and now we’re already well into March! Well, they say time flies when you’re having fun, and we certainly have a lot to celebrate!

Thanks to all of your generous donations, Charlie Nunn Photography was able to give $1,800 to Wags & Walks last month. That’s $1,800 towards finding safe and loving homes for at-risk dogs and reducing the number of animals euthanized in overcrowded Los Angeles shelters. Wags & Walks makes it their priority to match animals to homes based on temperament and need, making them a great place to find the next member of your family!

Are you ready to expand your family? https://www.wagsandwalks.org/dogs-available-for-adoption-in-los-angeles

With such great news, it’s no wonder our Huxley & Kent friends look ready to party! We had dogs of all shapes, ages, and sizes in our studio last month, from Klee Kai and Golden Retriever puppies, to Yorkies and Goldendoodles! Here's just a few of our favorite images...

You can’t have a party without guests, and we had some fantastic visitors this week, including a few guests on the smaller side:

Speaking of rescues, meet Hortense Powdermaker, a bunny rescued by her mom, Jessica. Jessica found Hortense at LA Animal Services and it couldn't have been a more perfect match! She loves a night on the couch with a good move and a big carrot while her mom enjoys popcorn. Seriously. Well, I'm not sure about the carrot and popcorn but they do watch movies together. Jessica has been a supported of rabbit rescues for a long time. If you're considering adopting one, remember, they aren't for Easter but for life.

Our next guest was The Orville’s Kai Wener. He brought along his dog, Bentley, and even his turtle, Shelly! He rocked the shoot and we can't wait to share more from this little superstar! A huge thanks to his family, especially his sister, Carmen, for being a huge part of the shoot!

Victoria Konnefal from Days of Our Lives also paid us a visit. In addition to being incredibly talented, both Victoria and her schnauzer, Lola, were a pleasure to work with. Victoria is the stunning actor, but Lola couldn’t help but "steal the scene" with countless fancy tricks in front of the camera! She knows sit, stay, roll over, high five, spin, back up, wait, stand… the list goes on! Check out a cute behind-the-scenes video and be sure to check out next week's blog (or our Instagram) to see some of the final images! And for icing on the cake, Raymond's mom has watched Days of Our Lives (DOOL, for those in the know) since the 1965, so she was at Victoria's side when she arrived AND left AND most moments in between!

And let’s not forget some of our other friends who came to visit last month. Thanks again to Taylor, Aubrey, and Nikki for hanging out with us – we hope you had as much fun as we did! Here's a few highlights from their galleries.

We've been re-working our website for a while now but our rebranding is near! Check back soon for some fresh faces and new ideas!!

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