A Hopping Good Time!

Hello Everyone!

We hope you had a fantastic Easter filled with friends, family, and food! Maybe the Easter Bunny stopped by, or maybe you made a quick stop of your own to the candy isle at the local drugstore…

Which is your biggest weakness? Cadbury Crème Eggs? Jelly Beans? Reese’s Eggs? I know I can never resist Lindt’s dark chocolate Easter bunny – yum! It looks like someone is a fan of Peeps!

This year, we celebrated a doggie-filled Easter with our friends at Vanderpump Dogs. Equipped with our camera, our lights, and a basket full of props, we spent the day photographing some very festive pups...

Buddah was very enthusiastic about his carrot!

Penny and Bella came ready to party hardy! (No one tell Penny her ears are askew – we think it looks cute!)

We even reunited with some old friends!

Newman switched out his party hat for one of this season’s top styles!

Remember Bo from our OUAI campaign? Well, he’s squeaky clean as ever and even came sporting a dashing pair of bunny ears.

How about Lucky, the basset hound who’s gravity-defying portrait just won the Off the Clock award? He was a little more down to earth for this photo shoot, but he still had a ‘spring’ in his step!

All participants made a donation to Vanderpump Dogs, a foundation that works tirelessly to help dogs in need. Every day Vanderpump Dogs provides services like micro chipping, vaccinations, and life-saving surgeries, all while spearheading a campaign against animal cruelty. Every dollar makes a difference and we’re incredibly grateful to all those who participated.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support Vanderpump Dogs and celebrate Easter with us! In just a few hours, we were able to raise over $500 for Vanderpump Dogs!

Ok. We know this isn’t technically Easter related, but guys – we couldn’t wait any longer!

Spring has sprung, the grass is ris… and Chris Salvatore is heating things up!

This actor, singer-songwriter, and gay rights activist brought his charming smile and cheerful demeanor to the studio. At his side was his loyal mutt, Bobby, who we all instantly fell in love with.

We feel incredibly lucky to have met such a kind and inspiring individual and couldn’t be happier with how the photos turned out.

Like, really. Look at that. Class!

And how about this outdoorsy look? Chris and Bobby are ready for a picnic!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check in next week!

Now I’m off to figure out something to do with all my leftover hard-boiled eggs! Do you think Chris and Bobby would let me tag along on his picnic if I offered to bring my famous egg salad sandwiches?


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