Celebrate RELAXATION DAY With Us!


Whether your definition of relaxing means indulging in a big ole' bowl of pasta & watching Lady & The Tramp,

OR cuddling up and reading your favorite book;

We're glad you took a break from your busy day to celebrate with us here at Charlie Nunn Photography! Last week we were honored with the presence of senior Corgi, Lena. We had recently photographed her brother Buddy for a MODERNBEAST toy photo-shoot, and finally got to have this special lady in the studio for her very own 'Lena Day' photo-shoot! While her gallery isn't quite ready to share yet, we thought she deserved this weeks SPAWTLIGHT AWARD:Lena is a 13 year old '8 legged dog'. She has a wheel chair due to her Degenerative Myelopathy Disease. She was diagnosed with this spinal cord disorder about 3 years ago, and has received, hands down, the BEST care thanks to her parents, Mita & Kyle. They have even created a Bucket List for her, checking off some fun activities like swimming, attending the Nisei Week Japanese Festival, going to the beach, and getting her a personalized cake for her private photo-session with CNP!

Lena loves being outdoors, eating everything (especially Puppaccinos), and playing with her brother Buddy, whom they adopted to keep her company! Thanks for sharing your special day with us, LENA! Keep up with all her adventures on IG @lenaandherbuddy We just love capturing sweet moments between humans & their fur babies. They'll always have these memories to look back on, it is truly why we love what we do!

Music sensation, Manda Malina (@mandamalina) came to the studio this week to view her gallery with beloved Helge:

...and we had a blast welcoming Doodle puppy, Taco to The Walter Family!

It's hard to believe we're already halfway through DOGUST! We've got some great events on the horizon. We'll be wrapping up this week shooting at PARACHUTE for @dogsofinstagram & @lucyand.co We are thrilled to be back pawtnering with The Beagle Freedom Project shooting for their calendar on Saturday, and... THIS JUST IN: Next Friday, August 24th we will be the official pawparazzi for MADAME TUSSAUDS HOLLYWOOD - Strut Your Mutt charity event!

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