Musical Madness and Cuteness Overload!

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe we’re already well into the swing of April! Hopefully you didn’t fall too hard for any April Fools jokes, and if you did… well, we want to hear all about them!

We had some artistically minded guests this week, including the talented Renee Olstead, the lovely Mollee Gray, and the inimitable Jeka Jane. As per usual, there was no shortage of animal adorableness, but this week brought some particularly delightful guests.

Renee came to us wearing one of her signature sultry looks and was accompanied by her pug, Sergeant Pepper (or as we kept wanting to call him, Sergeant Pupper!). Renee’s bluesy voice shines in her self-titled album, Renee Olstead, but nothing can outshine her sparkling personality. She was an absolute gem in the studio and we immediately bonded over a love of vintage clothing and classic Hollywood. Charlie's been listening to Renee since 2004, so he was thrilled to finally meet her. She was a natural in front of the camera and so was her pup!

Renee is actually a huge fan of the pinup aesthetic and even owns her own collection of vintage pinup centerfolds. With this in mind, we knew we had to incorporate some of those elements into her shoot. Sergeant Pepper was more than happy to play along, provided he got lots of treats, of course!

Renee would be a hard act for anyone to follow, but Mollee and Jeka wouldn’t be Mollee and Jeka if they weren’t up to the challenge.

Mollee and her partner, choreographer Jeka Jane, have quite the dedicated following in the LGBTQ community. And it’s no wonder! In addition to being genuinely kind, funny, and talented, the newly wed couple practically exudes young love. Along with their dogs, Shiloh and Stewie, they make a picture-perfect family! We'll have SO many cute photos from this shoot to share soon, until then here's an adorable photo with Mollee and their newly adopted Shiloh.

Mollee and Jeka even went above and beyond to create an entire behind the scenes YouTube video of their photo shoot experience. We were touched by their love and support and so happy to hear they had such a positive experience. If you haven't done so yet, subscribe to their Youtube channel!

Guys? If you two are reading this, we watched your video to the end, and yes, we definitely want to be friends!

Have you ever experienced the symptoms of acute cuteness overload? A situation in which there is so much wholesome, adorable goodness that your brain short circuits and you’re left in a weepy puddle? No? Well, welcome to Charlie Nunn Photography, where puppy delirium is an occupational hazard.

(Symptoms include the uncontrollable urge to cuddle, involuntary squeaks of joy, and, in severe cases, a strong desire to suffocate oneself in a pile of puppies.)

When we heard that Vanderpump Dogs needed some photos for their newest litter of puppies, we jumped at the chance!

Say no more. We’re on our way!

We broke down the studio, packed up the car, and spent the rest of the afternoon chasing after pups and gathering them in baskets.

If you're interested in adopting then please check out Vanderpump Dogs online, on their Instagram, or by stopping by their store on 3rd. St.

If you're in the area this Sunday, April 14th then please stop by! We'll be there doing Easter photographs! RSVP by emailing us at or by calling (310) 424-8065.

Thanks for reading and remember to check in next week for a special blog all about dogs with stubby legs and, of course, CORGI BEACH DAY!


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