Naked and (Not) Afraid

We’ve been seeing quite a lot of skin here at the studio the past few weeks! No, not like that – we’re talking about the animals!

Remember Nietzsche, Piaf, and Poe? Well, we’re ready to reveal the results of their photo shoot. We think they look pretty phenomenal, if we do say so ourselves.

Did you know? Contrary to what their name suggests, hairless cats aren’t actually hairless! They’re covered in a fine down similar to peach fuzz that makes them incredibly soft to the touch. We’re certainly going to miss cuddling these three in our studio, and we want to thank Kat Von Dee again for letting us shoot with them.

Meet Piglet and Galliano, Rachel Jung’s guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are incredibly sociable animals, so much so that Switzerland has declared it illegal to own only one. Apparently Piglet and Galliano bicker sometimes, but they were on their best behavior at the studio.

Galliano is what’s called a “Skinny Pig”, one of the newest breeds of Guinea Pigs. Skinny pigs are almost entirely hairless except for the fur on their muzzles and legs, which kind of makes them look like they have muzzle-hawks! Galliano was a particularly talkative little fellow and would make little squeaks every time we gave him cilantro!

Their big brother, Benny, was extremely excited to pose with his younger sibs, but he couldn’t understand why they preferred to eat green leaves instead of his cheesy treats!

Our next guest wasn’t naked; in fact, Travis brought an incredible array of clothing, including an amazing bomber jacket that I think we all wanted to steal. He did, however, snap a few shirtless shots with his cat, Jacob, who we all fell in love with!

Travis and Jacob made a fantastic duo and had us laughing throughout the entire shoot, especially when Jacob got into the box of catnip

Thanks again for visiting us Travis!

Stay tuned for more this week....

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