Stars and Sass and Superheroes… Oh My!

Hello all!

Hope you’re doing well and enjoying the onset of spring. We’ve been admiring a spectacular migration of painted lady butterflies this past week and have started taking our laptops outside to properly appreciate the Californian sunshine. But don’t worry – we’ve been hard at work inside the studio too. We’ve had so many wonderful visitors this past month that it’s getting hard to keep track!

Have you seen the billboards going up for The Curse of La Llorona? I first heard about the legend of La Llorona when I was in 6th grade and I’m pretty sure it freaked me out for weeks. Clearly, our friend Roman Christou is made of sterner stuff, because he plays Chris Garcia – a child haunted by La Llorona – in the upcoming film. He and his pup, Henny, could not have been more charming and we had a lot of fun capturing a bunch of playful shots. Between his natural charisma and his ease in front of the camera, we all agreed we had a star on our hands. We can’t wait to see what Roman does next!

Lisa Linke - comedian, actress, animal activist, and creator of the hilarious Dance Moms parody, Dog Moms, had us laughing the entire time she was here. Lisa is a much nicer dog mom in real life than her character on the web series, and she even brought her own mother to the studio to watch the photo shoot.

Carolyn Hennesey arrived right on time with an easygoing attitude and her own brand of sass – we were instantly in love. With over a 160 credits on IMDb, she's starred in everything from General Hospital, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, to Dawson's Creek and, our favorite, True Blood! She brought with her not two, not three, but four dogs, all with one-of-a-kind names. Spanky, Arbuckle, Liza, and Sophie-Tucker couldn't have been more different from one another, their personalities ranging from calm and composed, to ohmygoodness excited. It took some wrangling, but we managed to get everyone together for some great portraits.

Next, we have Olive, the Gentle Pit, but her mom likes to call her “my smiling velvet hippo.” Olive and her mother, Casey, are all about redefining the negative stereotypes surrounding Pitbulls and showing the world just how loving the breed can be. Did you know that Pitbulls have a stellar ranking with the American Temperament Test Society, scoring higher than beloved breeds like Golden Retrievers and Miniature Schnauzers? In fact, Pitbulls are not recommended for use as guard dogs because they tend to be too trusting of new people.

Because Casey and Olive are amazing, they believe that anyone who loves Pits should look awesome doing so. Their brand, The Gentle Pit, offers a variety of home goods, accessories, and clothing items for purchase, and the crew there donates both their time and money to animal rescue partners. We think that makes them heroes, don’t you?

Speaking of heroes, we’d like to make a shout out to a few supers of our own. We might not have any photos of them in capes, but they certainly deserve our thanks.

You might remember a distressing case out of the Riverside back in 2016 when police discovered a house filled with dozens of abused, abandoned dogs. Wags & Walks was able to foster eight of these pups, snatching them from death’s door and leading them back to the land of the living. We were lucky enough to photograph Ted and Mae – two of the sweetest goofballs you’ve ever met – both of whom have recovered by leaps and bounds since their rescue several years ago. Learn more about the Riverside Eight and listen to Mikayla talk about her experience adopting Mae in the new Wags & Walks mini series, The Riverside Dogs.

We’re so thankful to all those who participated in giving these dogs a second chance at life, and we hope that you’re equally inspired to get out and help the animal community in any way you can.

Till next time!

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